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UNICA FRESH produces super-sweet Baby Plum Vine Tomato

Se trata del cherry pera rama más dulce del mercado, de intenso color, sabor y con un mínimo de 7,5 a 8 grados brix de dulzor garantizado, desarrollado por Rijk Zwaan.


UNICA FRESH has begun production of the Baby Plum Vine Tomato variety called Sugarino RZ, after signing an exclusivity agreement with seed producer Rijk Zwaan. For the next three years, UNICA will be the only producer and distributor of this delicious tomato that guarantees a minimum 7,5-8ºBx sweetness level.

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments is the longer shelf life of Sugarino RZ compared to other varieties. Availability from November to May.

Commitment to innovation

UNICA has taken innovation a step further by offering healthy products of highest quality to consumers who expect great taste. The exclusive launch of the Sugarino cherry tomato is just the right product for this sector, both for its rich flavor and its singular durability. It fulfills UNICA’s commitment to adapt to consumer demand by offering the sweetest possible tomato on the market today.

UNICA aims to recover the great taste of tomatoes from long ago. Sugarino RZ returns that genuine taste of tomato to the consumer at last.


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