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Now more than ever, Communicating is Winning


MERCADOS, trade journal edited by Lameyer SL, a publication that captures a full view of the value chain in the industry of fresh fruits and vegetables, starts a new stage in which we aspire to be a unique media which gave expression to the sector’s worries and objectives, enhancing a work line that helped us to captivate purchasers/consumers and the market in general. Now more than ever, it is necessary to collaborate and inform for your customers to know about your reality, and also to be able to communicate what you really want to transmit, through our journal.

To do that, we ask you for your participation and collaboration, aiming at our Special and Monographic Issues to reflect an innovative, developing sector with a huge growth potential.

For this reason, there is something rather important that you cannot miss. And this is communication, since by means of it we can deliver messages to your customers regarding all the changes you are undergoing, informing about your daily work, about how you get ready for the trade campaign, about new products, improvements of effectiveness, competitiveness, product quality. And also about growers’ work, which is day after day less and less appreciated. In short, we will look for everything that adds value to your product. “Now more than ever communicating is necessary to win”.

The informative contents include the following aspects:

  • Monographic issues on the trade campaigns of fruits and vegetables that take place throughout the year, dealing with topics from production to marketing, offering updated information and a thorough, deep analysis.
  • Coverage of national and international trade fairs and congresses.
  • General information on agro-food distribution at the national and international level, production, commerce and consumptio.


The distribution of Mercados, whose issues are bi-monthly and have a print run of 10,000 copies, is customised, guaranteeing massive distribution amongst companies of the sector nationwide (80%) and abroad (20%).

  • Agro-food distributors: Hipercor, Carrefour, Mercadona, El Corte Inglés, Eroski, Dia…; also big European supermarket chains such as Rewe, EDEKA, MARKANT, Ahold, TESCO…; and Latin-American countries (20% of our readers).
  • Wholesalers: Mercados trade journal is well renowned amongst these professionals, being positioned in central markets of many cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Seville (10% of our readers).
  • Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural Transformation Societies, Producers Organisations of Fruits and Vegetables, Producers and Marketers. (50% of our readers).
  • Importer companies (10% of our readers).
  • Auxiliary companies and service providers to the sector of fruits and vegetables (10% of our readers).

Digital Distribution: We provide a complete and wide service of digital distribution of our trade journal (full issues), with a modern, comfortable and fast viewing system. You only have to provide a valid email address.