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La fuerte demanda se mantendrá hasta el final de la campaña. VIP VAL VENOSTA

Desde Val Venosta creen que esta situación favorable para el consumo de manzana se extenderá en los próximos meses de verano.


Since January, the Asociación de Cooperativas Hortofrutícolas de Val Venosta, VIP, perceived a progressive growth in demand that was increased with the pandemic in different countries, first in Italy and then in Spain and Portugal. “The marketing season in these two countries for Val Venosta has been positive”, says Christiane Gfrei, VIP commercial manager for the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, they consider that this situation will continue through the summer months, favoured by new consumption habits. Now, consumers are betting on long-life fruits such as apples and pears by reducing their frequency of purchase, and there will be also less quantity of stone fruit on the markets due to weather conditions. “All these factors will influence apple demand in the coming weeks”, says Gfrei.
At the production level, Val Venosta has registered the usual volumes although with smaller calibres, especially in the red and bicolour varieties (for example Gala, Red or Kanzi). Val Venosta is finalizing the campaign for its Gala, Red, Kanzi, Ambrosia and Envy apples, and has two types available until the end of September, Pinova and Golden.
From ‘El Paraíso de las Manzanas’ (apples´ paradise), they expect to have an incredibly positive market dynamics until the end of the 2019/2020 season, without ruling out possible price adjustments, depending on how supply and demand develop.

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