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“Crop planning gives better results”. FRUSANA

La zanahoria en España lleva años sin obtener valor en los mercados, pese a su excelente calidad. Pero en esta campaña el desarrollo ha sido diferente, como nos cuentan desde la empresa Frusana.


The carrot has always been the main reference crop for this cooperative, however, with the growth of the sweet potato, this has happened to occupy the second position, with approximately 30% of the volume of the entity, which supposes about 12 million kilos in the bundle typology.

We met with his chairman, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, who tells us how the campaign is developing: “The first three months of this campaign were bad because of the excess production in Italy; But at the end of February, the adverse weather caused a decline and a shortage in the market that has made prices acceptable, which has helped a planning of the spring crop, which contemplated a reduction in planting. Hopefully, it will continue”.

Frusana are aware that they are in a unique location that gives a differentiated quality to their product and continue fighting to position themselves in the market and keep growing. In this sense, in recent years its growth has been 20% per year, both in production and in turnover. And good proof of this is the important investment they are undertaking in expanding their facilities, two million euros, with which they have also included a new dryer for sweet potatoes.

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