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At the forefront of the ecological blueberry

Agromolinillo doblará en esta campaña su producción bio, mientras refuerza su apuesta por la calidad también en fresa y frambuesa.


Quality, sustainability and commitment to the environment. It is the formula for the future of Agromolinillo. The company was already ahead of the sector with the cultivation of blueberry in the province of Huelva, and now, it also anticipates with the production of this product in organic, which doubles in this campaign, up to 500.000 kilos. The organic alternative started last year and was “a complete success”. The reconversion of farms continues with the idea of keep growing in the blueberry segment in the future, but the company does not plan to produce other berries in organic by now.

Agromolinillo is clear that the future is sustainable, not only in the fruit but also in the packaging of the products. These are some of the aspects that its R & D department studies to understand market trends. For example, according to Sergio Sánchez, sales representative of the firm, the Nordic countries are more attracted to sustainable packaging than to the organic products themselves.
Quality, another flagship of the company, is also reinforced this year with its strong commitment to variety clubs “We have introduced this year Adelita in raspberry and Calinda in strawberry with quantity enough to put them in the markets”, says Sánchez, who adds that the reception is being very positive in both cases.
On the other hand, the company’s R & D department also carries out trials on varieties of strawberries and other fruits depending on the demand in the different markets. “We try to diversify to extend the season and serve fruit to our customers every month of the year”.

Agromolinillo has 400 hectares dedicated to blueberry with a volume of 6.000 tons per year, the 80% of its total production. The strawberry, on the other hand, is produced in 100 hectares and the berries in a total of ten.

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