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Cora Seeds presents a complete catalogue of long day onions

La firma italiana introduce sus variedades en España a través de la empresa Agriset, que se convierte en su distribuidor oficial.


Cora Seeds is a young company founded in 2006 and formed by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the field of horticultural seeds. It is dedicated to the research, production and marketing of hybrid varieties of onion, a crop in which they are specialists, although they also develop seeds for other products such as baby leaf, fresh and industrial tomatoes, watermelons, melons, peppers, fennel, celery, basil …

Cora Seeds has distributors in different growing areas worldwide, such as Europe, Russia, China, South Africa, the Middle East, USA, Latin America and Oceania. They have been able to carry out this important internationalization because of “the excellent quality of the seeds that we commercialize”, as a result of the development that they carry out in their centres of I + D in Italy and their essays in different areas of crop. Now they enter Spain thanks to the Valencia-based distributor of onion Agriset, which is their official distributor.

Its manager, Lorenzo Casanoves, wanted to publish the Cora Seeds catalogue with an event organized for producers at the Beatriz de Albacete Hotel on Thursday, November 22nd.

Maurizio Bacchi, founder and manager of the company, presented their varietal offer, mostly of long day. “The main genetic characteristics for which these materials stand out are their colour, a strong root system and long conservation”, commented Lorenzo Casanoves in the presentation. Some of the most outstanding varieties were Fundador F1 and Ambrador F1, of yellow type. Fundador F1 has a high productive performance, an early medium cycle maturity, round, uniform and large shape, indicated for jumbo. Ambrador F1, on the other hand, with brilliant bronze colour, medium-large and very uniform size, has an extremely firm skin and good cover, standing out especially for being suitable for a long storage period.


In yellow, Cora Seeds also presented Elenka F1, which “has become a reference hybrid in the local and international market”, and that stands out for its dark bronze colour and for its ability to develop a high number of skins that cover well the bulb. It is probably the most suitable hybrid for the mechanization of the harvest, the selection process, storage and transport.

In the segment of white onion, they mentioned White Opera, very rustic and long-lasting, and Lyrika F1, which stands out for its high performance.


In the segment of red onion, they mentioned Lisa F1 because of its strong red colour and its uniform and round shape of the bulb. It presents an optimal storage, a medium-large size and a high consistency.

We mention only a few of its wide catalogue of varieties that can be found on its website and supplied through the Spanish company Agriset.


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