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Organic products in sustainable packaging, the next step in salads. PRIMAFLOR

Primaflor se mantiene a la vanguardia del sector ampliando su gama de menús completos y con nuevos lanzamientos como su línea de productos bio y veganos.


The IV Range Salads are in full expansion and, in fact, the sector grows above 10% per year, sharpening the competition and promoting new launches. Including the Almeria-based Primaflor. The firm, which remains at the forefront, supports its success in two fundamental pillars: its own production and an active R & D policy for the search for new ingredients and mixtures.

In this sense, it continues to expand its concept of “complete menus”, which provide a balanced combination of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, while preparing new releases. In this way, Primaflor now focuses its efforts on the development of a product line suitable for vegans and, in addition, a new range of bio salads that, according to its forecasts, will be essential in the future.

“The evolution of the IV Range, in addition to the new ingredients and mixtures that we can add to satisfy the tastes and needs of consumers, goes hand in hand with sustainability and innovation in biodegradable and / or compostable packaging”. This is how Cecilio Peregrín, Corporate Director of the company, defines the strategy of his company for the coming years.

Primaflor, with 70% of its lettuce and vegetables sold fresh and 30% in IV Range, has managed to position its own brand. “The biggest contribution of Primaflor is our ability to innovate with ingredients”, says Peregrín, who is committed to risk trying different combinations of flavours and products.


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