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A healthier gazpacho, if possible. BIOSABOR

La empresa Biosabor vuelve a sorprendernos con una nueva variante de su producto estrella en V Gama.


Starting from a traditional ecological gazpacho with nine months of expiration, the Almería-based company Biosabor has been innovating in its product to achieve a fresh bio gazpacho, gluten-free, unpasteurized and with 21 days of expiration. In addition, it has incorporated pepper from the Sweet Palermo variety of Rijk Zwaan to give it a sweeter flavour and, therefore, triple the vitamin C than an orange. “The result is a gazpacho with a more similar flavour to the homemade, fresher, with greater nutritional character and that conserves better the organoleptic properties of the product”, explains the head of Biosabor V Range, Laura Martín. This innovative product was presented in the last edition of Fruit Attraction and in Fruit Logistica, events where it caught the attention of professionals.

Biosabor has not only become a company catalogued with the seal of “zero food waste” for its environmental commitment, but also as a standard for innovation. Thus, its V Range catalogue is made up of products such as organic salmorejo, low-salt gazpacho, fried tomato sauce with agave syrup and not with white sugar … as well as the vegan seal certificate; all this shows the tendency of Biosabor for a healthy diet, which is betting more and more on the fresh, bio, without additives or preservatives.

The next challenge is the construction of new V Range processing facilities in the province of Almería, they were carrying it out from Cordoba so far. This will ensure that the production will take place in the same industrial plant, with the consequent positive effect for the freshness of the product and the environmental impact.

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