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“We cannot compete on price, but on quality”. SAT SINTESIS

El sector citrícola trabaja por obtener una mayor diferenciación de la fruta frente a la oferta de terceros países. En el caso de SAT Sintesis, lo hace con una nueva apuesta por la sostenibilidad, como nos detalla su gerente, José Rodríguez.


The company SAT Sintesis, known for centralizing the commercialization of different producers of the Sevillian countryside, among them those of the brand Primor, now launches a new brand, Sintesis, which seeks to transmit in its products values of respect towards the social and environmental surroundings.

This action is part of a change of policy in the company, where its corporate image expects to be associated with sustainability values. As its manager, José Rodríguez, explains, “all our farms are aimed at reducing the environmental impact to demonstrate to the consumer that we produce in a responsible manner”. To do so, they are working to get their production accredit with the proper certification. To sum up, in words of José Rodríguez, “we are going to offer more with less, that is, a higher quality fruit with less use of water, fertilizers, supplies …”

With all this, Sintesis expects to give a greater value to its fruit in the markets, an imperative need in a context where third countries constitute a daily fierce competition because of its low costs. “We cannot compete on price, but on quality, offering standards that are difficult to reach for those countries”, says Rodríguez.

Development of the campaign
In SAT Sintesis expect a similar volume to the last season, although of a smaller size. The rains in origin have not helped the quality of the fruit in the first shipments, which together with the high temperatures in destination, are causing the market not to work on a normal pace at the beginning of the campaign, as Rodriguez explains. Nevertheless, the forecasts are positive considering that in general the citrus supply has decreased, due to the regulation of the production carried out, and because there is a greater consumption of fresh orange juice, its main product.

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