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Ripe fruit from the tree to your table within 24h

Huerta Tropical responde a las nuevas tendencias de los consumidores de compra online, saludable y socialmente responsable con el trabajo del agricultor.


Our first stop when touring around the Tropical Coast of Andalusia to know better the sector endeavours was in Motril, where we visited a much different company to those we usually go to. It is Huerta Tropical, a firm with barely one year of history which embarked on online sales.
Aware that there are big exporters of tropical fruits grown in Spain, project manager Borja Piedra wanted to focus on a different target among consumers by selling online to private consumers and catering professionals as well. Their uniqueness lies, besides their business model, on offering fruit with maximum flavour, and at its perfect point of ripeness. To do that, they have agreements with small local producers to whom they teach the significance of selecting the best product.
Within 24 hours, customers can get mangoes of different varieties, avocados, custard apples, medlars, and even other exotic fruits such as papayas, starfruits, kumquats, limequat, guavas, kiwanos, and others left to ripen on the tree. Besides, Borja Piedra aims further and he intends to raise awareness among Spanish consumers regarding the value of this fruit grown in our own country, as well as growers’ seamless work, hence they enclose related information in every delivery.
Thus, the firm operates under the banner of a responsible, fair business model in terms of prices paid to growers, which also reveals healthy eating habits, a labour also carried out through social media.


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