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10 years as a specialist provider. FRUTAS LUNA

Frutas Luna cumple una década como comercializador de hortícolas y el pimiento protagoniza la mitad de su volumen de producción, convirtiéndose en los últimos años en su principal producto.

Frutas Luna

Almería is the main producer of fruit and vegetables in Spain, which involves an extensive offer. Frutas Luna produces and markets all these products with its brands Luna, Kings and Classico, such as melon, cherry, watermelon, eggplant… But, in its 10 years of experience it has specialized, on the one hand, in aubergine which represents 25% of its production, and on the other in pepper, a crop that has grown significantly in recent years to the point of becoming its main product, meaning 50% of its offer. Thus, the company covers the needs in all types of peppers, such as California, Lamuyo, as well as specialties such as Palermo, Hungarian and white pepper. In the range of hot pepper it offers greens, reds, yellows and jalapeños.
The company currently reaches 6 and a half million euros of turnover and its objective is to continue growing.

Another of its developing areas of development is the bio, where the increase in demand has made it go from 5% a year ago to 15% of its volume today in this category. “We have been helped by the fact that our brands are consolidated in the market, with the quality guarantee that they transmit to our customers, because we always offer a fresh quality pro-duct, since we do not have stocks”, says Havenaar.

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