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Montosa conquers Europe with its fresh guacamole

Millones de hogares europeos se suman a la tendencia healthy y realfood apostando por este producto a base de aguacate fresco y de sabor casero.


Montosa, one of the largest Spanish exporters of avocado, has become a benchmark in Spain thanks to its presence in Mercadona, the leading retail in this country. It is also in this supermarket where, since some years ago, it has been marketing exclusively its fresh guacamole, “which has become a real mass phenomenon among several types of customers”.

The quality and great flavour achieved through unique and pioneering processes (COLD PRESS) have boosted the interest for this fresh guacamole in the European markets, which in the words of consumers “has an unbeatable homemade taste”. And, with the largest and most modern facilities in Europe in terms of fruit processing, Montosa has the latest technology in high pressure machines (with up to 3 units). This allows to extend the useful life of a product whose main problem to be exported so far was its expiration term and the correct conservation of its nutritional qualities. Once this obstacle has been overcome, the European consumer has been able to access this product that has already become a unique reference, also in the main retails of the continent (Edeka, Kaufland, Kesko, Billa, Spar, Pingo Doce, Norgesgruppen …)

For this, the company has made a constant investment in innovation and improving its facilities and technology in the last ten years. One of the last projects has been a Multi-residue Laboratory, which allows to guarantee the food safety of conventional and ecological fruit. Montosa becomes this way the only company in the horticultural sector with this type of laboratory.


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