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The Express Slow Food concept prepares its landing in Europe. ANECOOP

Anecoop amplía su estrategia de crecimiento y se vuelca en los preparados de V Gama y hortalizas.


Follow the trends and, also generate new ways of consuming fruits and vegetables. Two axioms to which Anecoop, supported by its producer leadership, is getting the most out of it with great innovations in the segment of 100% vegetable prepared dishes, such as the launch of the “Express Slow Food” category. With one year in the market, this bet, marketed under its own brand “¿Y si? de Bouquet “, consists of a line of references of IV and V range elaborated in a traditional way (slow) but for immediate consumption (express) .The preparations of Aneccop offer the additional advantage of being minimally processed and not containing preservatives, colouring or added sugars, in addition to including a bio range with long life.

The range, which includes peeled and cut fruit, vegetable spreads, snacks, soups and vegetable creams, has already got to France and is now preparing to be landed in other European countries through the subsidiaries of Anecoop. This international expansion plan has recently been joined by one of its partners, the company specializing in V Range products Huercasa, which will incorporate the most innovative products into the Express Slow Food concept.

The company expands its growth strategy this way, prioritizing the V range and vegetables. “In our billing the weight of cut fruit decreases and the rest of the lines increase”, explains Anecoop commercial manager for this category of products, Alberto Cáncer. Although other IV and V range operators choose to market under the distribution brand, the cooperative prefers to develop its own identity. Another innovation of the company to the sector is its decided commitment to the concept of complete menus.


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