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The traditional market of citrus fruits, saturated. GRUPO CAÑAMÁS

Para Grupo Cañamás, son muchos los factores que están “desestabilizando” la venta en este inicio de campaña. Sin embargo, el producto nacional juega con la baza de ser un referente en “calidad gustativa y precio”.


The delay in the ripening of citrus fruits, a higher production of national varieties although with a small size, the high competition of the southern hemisphere, and unusually high temperatures for this time of year are conditioning altogether the beginning of the campaign, concerning even consumption, as explained by Quico Peiró Cañamás, Operations Manager of Grupo Cañamás Hermanos. “The irruption of citrus at low cost in the European market is obstructing supply, something that together with the limited demand in these months is creating distortions in all markets”, making it difficult to market in a continent, Europe, which is saturated with citrus. Despite everything, he trusts the possibilities of the Spanish product, “a benchmark in taste and price”.

They work to “offer the best quality at the best price” and, in this sense, the firm has introduced a new variety of table orange in this campaign: M7, which is characterized by “its flavour, extraordinary texture and excellent taste quality”. It will be in the markets from November to January.

They continue betting on their brand ‘Le Gamin’, and to differentiating the origin of their productions thanks to the I.G.P. seal. In addition, they highlight their specialization and responsible agricultural practices, something that “adds value to our citrus fruits”.

Most of its production is allocated to export, especially to France, thanks to its logistics platform in Perpignan, although they are present in all European countries. Currently, they pursue a double goal: to remain competitive in these destinations and explore possibilities in new markets.

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