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Exclusive varieties boost Masiá Ciscar in the international market

La empresa cree que el mercado español es una asignatura pendiente, pero observa un cambio de tendencia hacia un mayor consumo.


For Masiá Ciscar, the berries sector is in a great moment thanks to the sales success abroad, also a good moment for the company, that ensures a growth horizon in the coming years. “We have the component of innovation that, together with the good numbers obtained from exports, assure us a growth trend”, says Carlos Masiá, Marketing Manager.

The firm has exclusive varieties, such as raspberries of Chilean origin, which they grow in their nurseries. In addition, they are currently working on new blueberry varieties. The main challenge they face is to achieve that the fruit do not lose its organoleptic properties and adjust it to the consumer’s palate. “With our increasingly established varieties, this is a challenge that we are surpassing with optimal results”.
Last season, despite a spring of heavy rains, the result was positive, with lower production than other years but higher incomes. They also expect an increase in the current campaign thanks to their varieties, which will provide greater production.

New markets, such as the Spanish

Regarding the uncertainties of Brexit, the firm faces the current lack of market horizons, reinforcing the search for new markets and strengthening its rising trend in current exports. The Asian market has become another of the main challenges. And without forgetting that the Spanish market is “a pending issue, but we are beginning to see very positive changes” in relation to consumption.

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