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“Un nuevo horario conciliador atraerá talento a nuestro sector”. CMR INFINITA

En esta entrevista, Jesús López, director gerente de CMR Infinita, nos comenta que un nuevo horario se ajustaría también mejor a las demandas de los canales de distribución moderna.

CMR Infinita

In 2017, Mercamadrid broke a new record in net profit. In the case of CMR Infinita, can they also talk about good results?

The exercise followed the ascending line we have been experiencing in recent years. Our growth was over 10%, with a commercialized volume of 45 million kilos, thanks to a greater range of references, volume and diversity of origins, which allows us to maintain the offer throughout the year.

It was also a year of important investments by Mercamadrid. Do you consider them appropriate actions? What projects has your company undertaken?

The improvements in infrastructures made in the Market were absolutely necessary. And they must continue so that these infrastructures are in line with the needs of a market in constant evolution. From our position, we are building new facilities on plot H5, which will house the headquarters of the subsidiary of CMR Group in Madrid, CMR Infinita. In 8,700 m2 the offices and an air-conditioned logistics warehouse will be concentrated with all the services of our activity. Its inauguration is scheduled for early next year.

For two months, Mercamadrid was operating from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m., which has now been modified again. What do you think of all this issue?

The changes produce, on the one hand, acceptance and, on the other, a certain level of reluctance. The important thing is to make them from the maximum consensus and in a flexible and gradual way, improving possible imbalances or initial approaches. It is evident that the change was made because of the future viability of fruit and vegetable commercialization in the central zone and within the scope of market distribution.

In addition, the ability to attract talent, essential for the sustainability and improvement of the sector, increases considerably with a conciliatory schedule from a family point of view, in addition to adapting to what is required by modern distribution channels.


In what lines are you working to differentiate yourselves from the competition?

Every day we focus on finding new ways of working to continue growing and updating services, and that involves a great effort from all departments to get new formats and designs that allow us to be at the forefront. In this sense, digitalization is a great bet for the future and we are working to strengthen this area.


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