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‘ROCIERA Fnm’ (‘A10-48-3’), a strawberry variety with European quality

Fnm-Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A.


FNM_Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A. is a R&D company established in Huelva in 1999, aiming at obtaining new strawberry varieties. In 2017, the firm is Spain’s biggest entity devoted to genetic improvement of strawberry, producing circa 200 million plants.
FNM currently has a catalogue of strawberry varieties for producers and marketers of fruits and vegetables to be able to supply high quality fruit with long shelf-life to the markets throughout the whole crop cycle.

Seeking to accomplish this goal and to complement their variety catalogue, currently consistent of ‘PRIMORIS Fnm’ and ‘RABIDA Fnm’, the new ‘ROCIERA Fnm’ variety (formerly known as ‘A10-48-3’) has been developed in recent years. According to the experiment results obtained on commercial fields during the last two campaigns, ‘ROCIERA Fnm’ is unanimously considered a highly productive variety that yields good gauges throughout the whole crop cycle, with such organoleptic  qualities and a shelf-life linked to its firmness that really make it stand out of other varieties from competitors’.

With the launch of the new ‘ROCIERA Fnm’ strawberry variety, Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A. intents to join the sector of Huelva strawberry in its commitment to offer quality varieties to compete with European seasonal strawberry.

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