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High-end in more sustainable packaging

Surberry defiende las asociaciones entre productores y comercializadores en el sector y asegura que “el futuro está en el servicio”.


The chains are increasingly demanding because there is more competition and more stable offerings along the year, so Surberry understands that their intermediary role is now more necessary to guarantee a service that, in their opinion, “is the future of the sector”. So, it strengthens its commitment to premium berries, meeting the demand of each client, with sustainable packaging and the entire range of berries 12 months a year.
“At the beginning we focused these packages on the French market, but this year we want to do it for the rest of the markets”, explains the firm manager, Harold Huot. This strong commitment to sustainability is materialized in “less material and reduction of environmental impact, grouping more volume of fruit in each package and thus taking advantage of the space to be more efficient”.
Surberry, as a marketer, has agreements with very selected farmers in Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco. In full expansion, last year the company grew in volume from 30% to 40% and expects to continue advancing in those percentages due to the increase of its own surface.
The company grows in all European countries, the Middle East and Asia thanks above all to its stable offer in raspberries and blueberries. In his opinion, the priority must be to stabilize the peaks of demand and production to prevent prices from rocketing or sinking, a situation that also affects raspberries. The company is within the Planasa club of the Adelita and Lupita varieties.
The firm works with supermarkets, wholesalers and with the Horeca channel; the customer can find similar fruit elsewhere, “but the service and the response we give is one of our assets”.


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