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Piel de Sapo Great Selection Melon. DUNAMAR SAT

Desde finales de abril hasta octubre estará disponible esta nueva línea Premium de melón de Dunamar SAT, del Grupo Caparrós, en los mercados.


The new spring campaign begins with a great novelty for the Almeria co-operative Dunamar SAT, which for the first time is going to commercialize Great Selection Piel de Sapo melons, betting on quality and taste. The objective is to ensure that this new production responds to the commitments of excellence and differentiation that its customers expect. “We consider it the ‘melon par excellence’ because commercially this typology is known for its good eating, its sweetness, its crispy and juicy bite that makes consumers who taste it repeat, offering a seal of confidence and guarantee to customers”, manifest from the firm, adding that they will produce both under plastic and outdoors, to take advantage of its optimal point throughout the campaign, increase the supply capacity and thus be able to meet the needs of its customers throughout the cycle.

Their campaign will run from late April to October with melons from both Almeria and Castilla la Mancha and its packaging will be adapted to each customer, being able to choose the melon in a wooden box, with a line “Great Selection” or in box cardboard, thus differentiating the categories.

Dunamar SAT has worked hard to put this new line on the market, especially with the work of the Technical and Quality Department that oversees the process to culminate in the selection of the ideal cutting moment, which will be carried out by qualified staff.

This new commitment is possible thanks to the great human team that forms the cooperative, from each partner, to the technicians and workers who together make it possible for their exhaustive daily work to be reflected in the quality of their products, services and the satisfaction of their customers and consumers.

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