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New look to conquer the consumer. MONTOSA

Frutas Montosa acaba de renovar la imagen de su marca Native de guacamole y salsa de mango con un nuevo packaging más actual y atrevido.


Differentiate or die could be a suitable slogan when it comes to conquering the consumer and, to do it, you have to offer products that provide added value, easy to consume and healthy. If we add to this the differential value of being specialists in their production, the result is none other than proposals such as guacamole and mango salsa from Frutas Montosa, which it sells under its Brand Native.

To boost the sales of both products, as well as to further strengthen the relationship with its customers, and consumer loyalty, Frutas Montosa has recently presented the new look of its brand outside of Spain, Native, a packaging with which it is committed to a most current and daring design. “We want to transmit our brand values ​​and enhance the value of a fresh and natural product like ours, with an intense flavor, so that the consumer remembers it over time”, they pointed out from the entity. This restyling also has the approval of its customers, who value the proactivity of Frutas Montosa, always ready to face new projects.

Among them, the firm foresees the implementation of other types of actions aimed at consumers, such as the dissemination of recipes or different ways of consuming their sauces.

Tradition and technology

Quality is the key to Frutas Montosa, that is why, when they produce its sauces, they use the latest high density processing technology (HPP), which respects the freshness of the raw material, increasing its shelf life.


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