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“The Zespri SunGold variety creates new consumers”

La marca neozelandesa Zespri® ha sido un actor fundamental en el posicionamiento del kiwi entre los 10 primeros productos de la cesta de la compra de fruta fresca en España y, ahora, con su nueva variedad, vuelve a impulsar su consumo con otro perfil de consumidor.


When we talk about kiwi, we talk about Zespri®. The multinational represented last year 30% of the world volume of kiwi and 48% of the market share of this fruit in Spain.
Our country records one of the highest consumption figures in Europe, and without a doubt the work of Zespri®, both in marketing and offering a quality product twelve months a year, has been decisive to make the kiwi a basic in the shopping basket.

The production system followed by the company is what determines the success of this brand. “The Zespri® System is based on the know-how of the New Zealand farmers who have a centuries-old tradition in this crop and respond to very strict requirements. Only four countries besides New Zealand produce kiwi under the Zespri® brand: Japan, Korea, Italy and France “, explains Enrique Guío, Marketing Manager of Zespri Ibérica.

Zespri SunGold
Currently, kiwi consumption is not only keeping figures, but also it continues to grow. And to achieve this success, the irruption of Zespri SunGold has been key. A new variety introduced by Zespri® a few years ago. Sweeter, less acid, with greater flavour, designed to take it for pleasure and not only for its contribution in vitamin C, and which brings a new segment of customers who were not interested on green. Without a doubt, a success that is relaunching the kiwi, now also outside home.

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