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Fortus, the new bet of Patatas Rubio Martínez

Frente a la importación, en esta empresa apuestan por un producto diferenciado, con una calidad superior a la que hoy encontramos en los mercados.


The potato sector is suffering a delicate moment. We are importing more product, especially from France. “Last year we were buying French potato of a very poor quality when we already had production, and even sold at higher prices than ours, which caused that a lot of potatoes were not even collected”, says Juan Andrés Rubio, manager of Patatas Rubio Martínez firm.

As a tool to deal with this imported product, Patatas Rubio Martínez bets on Fortus, a potato with excellent characteristics to be fried, far superior to what currently exists in the market. “Last year we had 20 hectares, this year we already have 45 hectares, and the acceptance by the market is unbeatable”, explains Juan Andrés, who continues telling us that they want to go further with Fortus, and make this variety known to the consumer, to identify it clearly and demand it.

As we can see, the key is to communicate to the consumer that there is a great diversity of potatoes, and that a product recently collected has nothing to do with one that has a long season in chambers. The support of packers and distribution will be vital to achieve this goal.


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