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New line of grated tomato. LA GERGALEÑA

La Gergaleña amplía su catálogo de productos de V Gama con diferentes versiones de su tomate rallado, dando buena muestra de que conciben el I+D+i como herramienta de mejora continua.


The market is constantly changing, and in recent years it is characterized by the age of the population, the increase of single-person households and, also immigration. All this means that consumers, increasingly, look for a product they would make in their own kitchen, with the same requirements of taste, texture and nutritional qualities, but saving time, what means, demanding comfort, speed and health.

For all these reasons, the company from Almería La Gergaleña, a subsidiary of Grupo Caparrós and responsible for developing and placing the V Range line on the market, offers a range of products composed of easy-to-prepare, natural, lightly processed, healthy, reliable and mono-rations. Last year it experienced an income increase by 18%, thanks mainly to the expansion of markets abroad, as commented by the firm, which not only focuses on selling quantity: “The objective is to continue providing quality, because it is not only a matter of selling a lot, but you also have to sell well”, says the person in charge…

Among its products are gluten-free gazpacho and salmorejo, prepared dishes derived from vegetables, sauces, mousses and vegetable jams… “We work to surprise and attract the attention to our references, we look for new flavours, ingredients, textures…”, they say. Thus, they have released, as a novelty, different versions of their grated natural tomato, either organic, with extra virgin oil and Omega 3, special for bread with tomato.

All this shows that innovation is an essential part of the company, both at the product and technological level, where its main challenges are to improve the processes to guarantee the organoleptic qualities and the useful life of the product.


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