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‘The quality of Spanish onion has been determining’

El responsable comercial de Mulder Onions, Rene Vanwersch, nos avanza cuáles son a su juicio las ventajas de la producción española de cebolla: su calibre y su calidad han sido determinantes este pasado ejercicio, por lo que anima al sector a seguir en esta línea de trabajo.


The Netherlands set trends worldwide as a producer and marketer of product like potato and onion. As for the latter, the 2013/2014 trade campaign was marked by high prices, mostly due to growers’ restraint when selling. ‘It is true that early this year, the demand fell slightly but it is stable again nowadays. We doubt about how much volume is there stored and in what conditions will it be, as Europe registered pretty high temperatures last winter, which could have affected the stock of onion’, stated Rene Vanwersch, commercial head of Mulder Onions, one of the main producers and marketers of onion and potato worldwide.

In this sense, they in the firm consider that the quality of Spanish onion when arriving in European markets has been the key. ‘Quality has been excellent thanks to the good job done by Spanish producers and marketers and I think that is the key, as it is the only way to gain win the battle against products from other origins which, although cheaper, can’t compete in terms of quality’, explains Rene Vanwersch.

Another of the great advantages of Spanish production of onion in this year that just ended has been its gauge. ‘In general, it’s easier to trade big gauges, although we had no problem selling other ranges given that we have clients all around the world and their demands are diverse’, stated Vanwersch.

With a view to the present campaign, and although it is soon yet to know the production volume of the Netherlands, speakers from Mulder Onions confirm that sowing started a few weeks earlier so that, in absence of meteorological incidents, harvest will start earlier too.



Another star product of Mulder Onions is potato. Nevertheless, the commercial head of the entity points that exports were limited last campaign, with prices that didn’t remain within appropriate limits. ‘We expect the demand to increase in the forthcoming months for us to be able to make up for those results in a trade campaign that we expected to be positive a priori’, added Vanwersch.

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