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The leader wants to grow 25% in production in five years. KIWI ATLÁNTICO

Kiwi Atlántico cumple tres décadas a la cabeza del mercado con nuevos objetivos para consolidarse, como redoblar las exportaciones.


Carlos Vila is in charge of the company that leads, with its own brand, the production of kiwi in Spain, with 60% of the market. In the 30th anniversary of Kiwi Atlántico, its challenge is to consolidate this privileged position, and for this it must break the limitations on production that the sector is experiencing. It is at stake to meet the strong national demand and deal with exports as well, which will already be 15% of sales in three years.

“We have gone from producing and marketing hardly 200 tons, to market almost 20,000 between our own production and purchases to third parties and other origins such as Chile, Portugal, Greece, Italy and New Zealand”, explains the manager. The last year was the highest turnover for the company, reaching almost 27 million euros, 35% more than the previous year. The forecast is that the marketed kilos will continue increasing in the years to come at an average of 5% per year, since new plantations are entering production.

The manager of Kiwi Atlántico, with crops in Galicia, Asturias and this year also in small amount in Catalonia, believes that the production in Spain has potential for growth, especially in the Northwest, although he warns that due to “high smallholding it is not an easy task”. Regarding the growing production in the Valencian community, he considers that the quality potential of this area “is good”, but in the yellow kiwi variety.

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