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We have made the Persimon Brand in a guideline for the sector”

Desde el Consejo Regulador de la DOP Kaki Ribera del Xúquer destacan la labor realizada por la entidad en el desarrollo de esta fruta en la Comunidad Valenciana.


Interview to the RCPDO Kaki Ribera of the Xúquer, Cirilo Arnandis.

This year it’s expected a persimmon production availed by the PDO Kaki Ribera of the Xúquer of 160,000 tonnes, but half of the production in the area is still out of this PDO. Why does it happen?
If we observe the profile of our partners, except for a couple of companies, the rest are cooperatives, hence, producers who understand the Protected Denomination as an opportunity to be together and to improve this fruit’s possibilities that 15 years ago was still unknown. We have carried out many things from both the point of view of the cultivation and the post-harvesting processes, and we have also achieved to join efforts when making promotion campaigns that have helped the persimmon’s awareness. From that perspective, it’s understandable that producers intend to invest on a product with future and their efforts allow them achieve decent income for the work they perform. Nonetheless, most of the marketer companies don’t see it that way and consider as too high the cost of belong to the Regulator Council.
In what sense does the sector get benefited from the PDO actions?
From our beginnings, we have invested over 120,000 euros in research and investigation for the crop improvement and the authorization of active materials and over 20 million euros in promotions that result in the entire sector’s benefit. We want a future for our producers and we are convinced that this is the way. The evidence is that we have made the Persimon brand in a guideline the rest of the sector copies blatantly and we are endeavoring to defend it. It’s not understandable how some don’t want to participate in our Council but they do want to benefit from our work and brands.
Do you consider it’s necessary to work more in improving the product’s quality? And in the varietal renovation?
Of course, it’s mandatory to keep on working to improve the quality of our products. This is a permanent challenge, not only in our product, but in the whole sector’s. We continuously work to improve the fruit that reach consumers, who wants products with quality, secure and with information about their origins. Regarding the varieties, we also work in that aspect, although it won’t be easy to find a variety with the quality of Rojo Brillante (Bright Red), probably the best you can find in the market worldwide.

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