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Soloberry to launch two berry brands at Fruit Logistica in Berlin

Soloberry regresó a Berlín este año, uniéndose a sus compañías hermanas Newstairs (mejora vegetal), Chingford (Kiwi y cítricos) y Fruit Logic (provisión de servicios) en el stand de la empresa matriz AG Thames.


Building a brand: How Soloberry are carving out a brand new position in Europe

“Traditionally we have used images of fruit growing, being picked or with a hand holding a berry to give a personal touch.  We are keen to get more people eating berries, especially from a younger age and at all meal times.  Our latest campaign brings the berries to life showing how they can be consumed in inspiring recipes.  We have Newstairs with us, our plant breeding and varietal development company, together we are looking at the whole journey from the ‘plant to the plate’ as we work with renowned chefs; looking at how the nutritionals in berries can help to make the world a healthier place”  Group Head of Brand and Communications Rachel Montague-Ebbs.

Branding in berries is not as prevalent as it could be and Soloberry see the success in top fruit, kiwi and bananas and seek to replicate that in a wider way with berries. Soloberry launch two brands at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Soloberry Farms and Berry Basics.

The Soloberry Farms label has been delivering in to stores in Germany, Holland and Denmark since Q4 of 2018.  The brand was founded on the desire to share with consumers where their fruit comes from.  Soloberry Farms is the packaging marque for the main line of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, for fruit from Soloberry’s own farms in Morocco and will be used during the season from Soloberry’s farms in Lithuania and the UK if the consumer requires it.

“We’ve had great success with this brand to date in our customers in Germany, Holland and Denmark and we want to expand the breath of our offer across Europe.  This is the reason for having two brands that sit side by side each other but each with their own clear credentials”

The Berry Basics brand from Soloberry has the tagline ‘shaped by nature’.  This brand was born out of the desire to reduce the amount of fruit wasted on farms, where it may not meet the supermarket specification yet still tastes good and delivers nutritionally.  This will be Soloberry’s economy packaging marque, first of all on raspberries from Morocco, where the berries may be low on looks but deliver on shelf life and a still full of the health benefits of berries.

This is the first time that the UK based business has delivered branded product to customers and they see it as a celebration of what the business can offer fresh from its own land.  European retailers are more open to the possibility of branded product and Soloberry see this as a key strength in their strategy across Europe.

Soloberry, renowned grower and supplier of berries have a mission “to make the world a healthier place, berry by berry” and talk a lot on social media about the benefits of berries to health. There will be more to come from Soloberry at this year’s Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam next month.


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