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“La marca ha desempeñado un papel muy relevante durante la pandemia” VOG

La manzana ha sido una de las frutas preferidas por el consumidor durante la crisis, y las marcas han jugado un rol destacado como garantes de seguridad alimentaria. Entrevista a Walter Pardatscher, director de VOG.


The apple has been one of the most demanded products. What has been the evolution of Kanzi® in Spain and Europe?
There are some factors that, both in Spain and in many other European countries, have caused an increase in sales of fruit and vegetables in general, and by factors, also of apples, at least during the hardest stage of the health crisis; On the one hand, the choice of healthy products has undoubtedly influenced psychologically; on the other, the will to accumulate supplies of fruit such as apple, characterized by its remarkable conservation. This situation has also benefit our Kanzi® apples, which we produce and market together with the VI.P consortium.

Do you think that consumers will continue to opt for the apple and that they will value the brand?
There is an indisputable preference in favour of apples, a famous product worldwide, in all latitudes, and we are sure that they will continue to exist, as well as a segmentation among consumers who only seek goods — even in the case of apples, and that therefore they focus above all on the price — and those who, on the contrary, bet on the quality and strength of the most consolidated and recognized brands. Even during the pandemic, the brand, and with it everything it represents in terms of safety, has played a particularly important role: we have had clear examples of this throughout this period. Who knows the VOG consortium and all its varietal assortment also knows the strictness with which we work and our certifications, which protect the origin and quality of our fruit.

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