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‘Tropicals on demand’

¿Cómo gestiona el sector productor la fruta para que la demanda ready to eat no se vuelva en su contra y dispare las mermas? En Frutas Los Cursos nos lo enseñan.


The marketing of ripe mangoes and avocados has been long discussed. We want to know first hand, through one among producers of these fruits, Frutas Los Cursos, what does really entail offering fresh, ripe mangoes and avocados. And more importantly, who do they manage to cut down losses to the minimum, considering that they are marketing produce with a very limited shelf-life.
We had a chat on the matter with the manager Antonio Miguel Rodríguez, who categorically affirmed that the progresses made in the fields in the last years have been essential. New techniques allow now to obtain fruit of better quality and therefore make feasible its trade, which requires extra dedication at processing centres.
‘Each client demands specific planning, knowing whether they want barely coloured, slightly ripe, or ready to eat fruits’, added Antonio Rodríguez. ‘If a client wants our product Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we will have to arrange for the fruit to enter the chambers two days earlier and on that basis organise our work, Only by doing that is how we will avoid shrinkages at origin and at destination too’, stated Mr Rodríguez.

A golden stage
These new business lines are bringing the sector to live a sweet era, growing in terms of production and sales thanks to an unstoppable demand.
Faced with this situation, it is not surprising that each investment comes after another and a every project is followed by a new one. Frutas Los Cursos is also diversifying business and started marketing papaya last year. They will keep on working on this product this season. Likewise, they are making significant investments in their line of convenience products.

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