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“There are still opportunities for the Spanish kaki”. GRUPO MEDINA

Para Inter Terra, China supone una gran alternativa para el producto nacional, que vendría a complementar su calendario de producción.

Grupo Medina

Same time every year, Inter Terra faces the challenge that is a new kakis campaign. Each year is different for this firm belonging to the Grupo Medina “specialist in sharoni”, as they like to introduce themselves internationally and that in this 2018 is “60 years cultivating passion for agriculture”.

“Despite the generalized delay due to weather conditions, we have great expectations in terms of quality and production. Our growth is gradual and constant, but our priority is to offer the highest quality, controlling the entire value chain of the product from research until it reaches the consumer, taking care of the growing process to take as far as we want”, explain from the firm.
Inter Terra is still committed to a differentiated kaki, which has already become a “benchmark”, and which it markets under the seals SHARONI© and MEDINA©.

“In an increasingly globalized sector, we want to be optimistic with the opportunities offered by the market. We are veterans in opening new destinations, opening trade barriers, and we believe that there are still opportunities for the Spanish kaki”. In this sense, from Inter Terra they affirm that “we are very hopeful that China will allow the entrance of the Spanish kaki”.

The ‘Asian Giant’ has more than 70% of the world production, but even so the Spanish production would be well received because of its complementarity to the Chinese market. “This is how we have noticed it, and we have communicated it to the Spanish authorities, whose support is essential to achieve it. We hope to confirm it soon”, they say.

Inter Terra is the fruit trading firm of Grupo Medina, leader in the production of kakis, based in Lepe (Huelva), the most southern producing area of Europe. It also produces nectarines, berries, kumquats and subtropical fruits. The Group also integrates Viveros California, one of the most outstanding nurseries of strawberry and raspberry plants in Europe.

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