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“Quality criterion reigns over price”. IGP AJO MORADO DE LAS PEDROÑERAS

El crecimiento de la variedad Spring ha tocado techo a favor de la puesta en valor de la variedad Morada.


In the last campaign China had an important volume of production. What balance do you make from the IGP?
China is the one that marks the future of the international garlic market. We must also bear in mind that our country, although it is not so powerful, is the main supplier of garlic in the EU and we have an important presence in markets in Asia, America, Africa and Oceania. The cyclical crises that the Asian giant imposes every certain period of years seems to be taking place, 2017 was closed with great difficulty and everything points that 2018 is going to be problematic for several reasons.

In the IGP we are satisfied with the 2017 campaign, as we have exceeded the level of kg marketed once again, already passing 2,300 tons. It is still a low figure if we compare it with our real potential of 20,000 tons, but little by little we are improving.

In recent years, the surface of purple garlic has been recovering slightly. Do you think that your promotional activities have been essential?
The truth is that, in the overall estimation of hectares of garlic that have been planted this season, the percentages that were already recorded in previous campaigns are maintained, representing approximately the surface of the spring variety 50% of the total, the purple variety 45% and white 5%.

It is obvious that there are differences between the varieties not attributable exclusively to productive and efficiency reasons. We believe that the spring variety has peaked in terms of planting area and it is not for agronomic reasons, but because it produces a garlic of different quality, worse conservation and different from the organoleptic point of view, with less flavor and pungency (spiciness) than the purple variety. We believe that consumers are realizing this, thanks to the work we do from the IGP, imposing the criterion of quality, finally, over price reasons.


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