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First and foremost, the flavor. GRUPO EL CIRUELO

El grupo El Ciruelo aumenta sus cifras de facturación de la mano de su apuesta decidida por las uvas sin semilla, que suponen el 90% de su producción.


Few companies can boast about growing at the same path as El Ciruelo is doing. With a foreseen
100-million turnover in 2016 (and 90 in 2015) and with 2,200 hectares of surface working in full performance,
the group has acquired in the last two years 800 hectares more that will start their production in the next
campaigns. This will allow them to increase their harvest which, in the grape’s case, will be set in around
35,000 tonnes for this campaign.

“90% of them are seedless grapes”, comments Cristina Gutiérrez, sales responsible of El Ciruelo. In this
regard, the seedless variety is the leader on the varietal share of the firm, which works with over thirty
references. “In United Kingdom, Germany or Scandinavia seeded grapes are scarcely consumed.”
With flavor On the Mediterranean arch the situation is different. The lack of sweetness in the main seedless varieties early developed at the end of the 90’s became a barr ier to reach consumers in countries such as
Spain, Italy or France. Now, the situation has been changing and new programs have been able to cover that initial lack. El Ciruelo treats with cuddle every var iety they work with, getting the highest advantage of their features, with the main objective of covering with guarantees the seven months of the grape’s
campaign. Even with all that, El Ciruelo faces the nearest future optimistically.
For that they continue investing not only on new plantations, but also on facilities and machinery to allow them improving the post-harvesting life of products. Besides, the f irm has foreseen to start up a new project of organic grape for the end of the year and it will be protagonist with its special format for New Year ’s Eve. Success is guaranteed.

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