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The goal: to strengthen the Nectalia brand in the national market in berries and stone fruits

La firma First Fruit Nectalia duplica su producción propia de fresa enfocada al mercado nacional, manteniendo igualmente su línea de exportación a través de acuerdos con terceros.


First Fruit Nectalia has always bet on specialization. Because of that and for years it has been creating partnerships with the best farmers and entities which have helped it to reach its demanding goals.

Under this premise, since two years ago First Fruit Nectalia chose to offer own production of strawberry for the national market. As it’s explained from the company, the aim of this action is to avoid the speculation given every year at the beginning of the season and, hence, be able to ensure the supply of a product of uniform quality to their clients continually.

For this line of work, First Fruit Nectalia offers a 2-kilograms box with cover, attractive design, positioned fruit and harvested in its optimum color and maturity point besides new varieties addressed to this market, such as Splendor or Fortuna.

Aiming to increase its presence in the national market, the firm has doubled the number of hectares of strawberries for this season, from four to eight hectares. The improvement of the Nectalia brand positioning in the national market through the strawberry distribution is crucial for the company in order to be able to continue with the stone fruit commercialization during the whole summer under the same brand, clients and star product. This is the yellow-peeled peach of Pavía kind, produced in Granada at the bottom of Sierra Nevada.

Beyond the effort made by First Fruit Nectalia, forecasts point to this season as better than the previous one in both berries and stone fruits due to some factors: the lowering of the number of hectares of strawberries in Huelva, the good climate at origin for the moment and the entry of the stone fruit into the staggered vegetation. This predicts a commercialization period without an excessive overlapping among regions and countries.

For this campaign, it’s highlighted the strengthening of relationships between First Fruit Nectalia and NUFRI through a commercialization agreement of the citrus from the Nufri Huelva’s warehouse based in Gibraleón (Huelva) and property of the Nufri Group.•

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