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New products to add value. CUADRASPANIA

La firma almeriense Cuadraspania lleva a cabo diversas estrategias para hacer frente a la difícil situación en la que se encuentran los cultivos de hoja como la escarola, con soluciones como la mecanización en campo o la ampliación de la gama.


The lettuce and escarole sectors are going through a strong price crisis in which this commodity product faces a dubiously profitable future, according to the producers, especially considering that the supply continues to increase. To this difficult situation is added the uncertainty of the Brexit also for escarole, because the United Kingdom is its fourth export market after the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

For all these reasons, the sector seeks to offer value, either through specialization in certain products, such as the company Cuadraspania with escarole, for which it has become a benchmark in Europe, as well as by expanding its number of references and formats. “The objective with this measure would be to expand the service to our customers and facilitate logistics, in order to continue growing”, explains Géraldine Cuadras, commercial director of Cuadraspania.

Another of its measures would be to increase its competitiveness by reducing production costs. In this field, mechanization in the field seems to be the best solution, as Antonio Cuadras, one of the owner brothers, comments: “Performing the whole process of cutting, packaging and cooling in the field, without harming quality, could minimize costs and make us more competitive and that is why we are studying it”.

Cuadraspania is cooperating with the University of Murcia in a novel project that would lead to a semi-prepared artichoke. On the other hand, do not reject introducing the bio line in its catalogue, as well as other formats of escarole, its flagship product, with more sustainable pa-ckaging, among others.


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