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New varieties to improve quality with an efficient service

Estas son las claves de futuro de la fruta de hueso, según Explum, que exporta a ultramar más del 50% de su producción y que esta campaña espera poder enviar sus primeras ciruelas a China.


Producers from Extremadura look at foreign markets. At least, that is what Explum’s Managing Director José Aurelio García thinks. The cooperative for which he works has specialised in long-distance shippings. From Canada through Colombia, Central America, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and India, right up to Brazil. They stayed at the gates of exporting to China for the first time last year, but now they are ready to ship their first containers there.
The long track of this firm in exports gives them a much clear perspective about the sector’s needs and challenges. The Managing Director explains that ‘on one hand we must develop variety improvement programmes, while on the other we need to invest in packaging that contributed to improve after-harvest life, and do research on transport efficiency.’

Less plum

Explum foresees 30% shrinkage in plum production Rainfall registered in late March could have affected blooming, so that smaller production is expected, though it is also expected that good prices alleviated the situation. Given the sheer significance of this crop in the cooperative -85% of their total- any incident involving it has remarkable consequences. Last season, 10,000 tonnes of 11,000 harvested were plum.
Their brand, Explum, has been acknowledged by the markets, although according to the Managing Director, the most important issue is the fruit quality and the earnestness and professionalism that the firm transmits to its customers. For that reason, they are banking on having the best varieties and modern facilities.

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