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“Nuestros cultivos son 100% ecológicos y biodinámicos”. CAMPOSEVEN

La firma murciana Camposeven cuenta con más de 30 referencias, entre ellas el pimiento, cuya producción prevé aumentar en torno a un 7% esta campaña.


Adolfo García, Camposoven General Manager, remind us that 25 years ago he heard in a conference that the great challenge that the horticultural sector should face in the future would be the lack of food in the world. “Over the years, I have realized, precisely, how right it was”, he says; Thus, since the start-up of the company in 2007, they have worked to guarantee that food supply, with productions environmentally friendly, and that take care of the health of people. “We made a risky bet, to be 100% ecological and today biodynamic”, he says.

With these methods of biodynamic agriculture, which considers farms as an organism in which plants, animals and human beings are jointly integrated, they cultivate more than 30 products, amongst them the pepper. The volume of production of the latter increased by 10% last season and everything indicates that it will grow again this year between 6% -7%. Europe is its main market.

However, they are aware of the ecological boom also in Spain and, in this sense, they have a brand for online sales in the national market: Freshvana. “The orders are made through the web and the delivery is made within 24 hours”, explains García.

To make known how they produce and promote the consumption of organic and biodynamic products, they have just launched their campaign ‘Biodinamízate’, with which they want to convey the importance of these foods for health, their properties and forms of consumption.

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