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The Eastern European countries, an emerging destination. UNEXPORT

La firma Unexport celebra su 20 aniversario con nuevas instalaciones, una línea de V Gama y una estrategia comercial para continuar desarrollando en los países del Este.


When Europe is said to be a saturated market in the sector, it is not a matter of the whole continent, but rather to the western area. In Eastern Europe the economies are flourishing and therefore rebounding their level of consumption.

Therefore, they represent an interesting destination for entities that have a powerful structure and logistics, such as the Murcia-based Unexport. “We are focusing on markets such as Hungary, Croatia and Romania, where the objective is to do daily product deliveries of a significant volume and a full service; offering this to this area cannot be done by anyone”, states Thomas Andersson, sales manager of Unexport.

In addition, these are destinations where consumption habits are changing and the segment of IV Range lettuce is in full growth. This line represents already 20% of Unexport production, with the iceberg lettuce as its flagship. But if we focus on selling fresh, the iceberg drops its general demand annually between 5 and 7% according to Andersson, while the roman type and the heart increase.

As a union of cooperatives, the business formula of Unexport celebrates 20 years being specialist in the concentration of supply and development of markets. Just in 2018 it grew 14% in turnover compared to the previous year, and with the start-up of its new facilities last September, it is expected to continue with this upward trend.

Given that its producers work a wide range of crops, the firm decided, last year, to bet on the launch of its own brand in V Range to give it an outlet and added value to its products, such as olive oil, canned artichoke , almonds and aloe vera under the brand Murmullos del Edén.


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