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‘The difficulty is finding good suppliers’

No es muy habitual que la demanda supere a la oferta, pero en frutas como aguacates y mangos es casi una constante. Sin embargo, el sector no se relaja y afronta cada campaña con nuevos desafíos.


Worldwide consumption of mango and avocado is growing at a hectic pace. Destinations like Europe and the USA will be joined soon by some Asian countries. Beyond any doubt, this is having a direct impact on the prices of these two products, with payments at origin on what seems an unstoppable rise. The laws of supply and demand define those prices and many companies are considering increasing production. ‘Farmland devoted to these products is expanding in Latin America and we should do the same in Spain’, stated on the matter the manager of the Málaga firm Trópico Spain, Óscar Ramírez, who does not hesitate to relocate their farmland to other places in the province of Málaga, where there are no water limitations.
As long as the demand keeps growing and exceeding supply, the difficulty will not be marketing, but having the best suppliers. ‘We work with many origins, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile… and we carry out a very thorough control on the fruit we import.’
Almost all the fruit marketed by Trópico Spain goes through ripening chambers hence meeting one of the requirements of distributors: offering ready-to-eat fruit. And in order to perform such a specialised task, Trópico Spain has specific gauging machines to handle and package this ripe fruit. This is complemented by personnel trained to work with such an exquisite and appreciated product.

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