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Ready to compete with the leaders. ALCAFRUIT

Frente a otros orígenes con precios más bajos, Alcafruit tiene claro que el futuro de los cítricos pasa por ofrecer el mejor producto, garantizando la rentabilidad de sus agricultores socios.


In agriculture, as in everything, you can get involved or not and Alcafruit, the citrus, kaki and stone fruit business section of the Productores del Campo cooperative, has decided not to do so. The pressure in the citrus market is constant and even increases every day with the entry of product from Egypt or Turkey into European markets. “They are more competitive in price than Spanish citrus”, says its manager, Pepe Palmer, who adds that, however, “we can compete in quality with the leaders”.

This quality is exactly the key to remain strong and what will allow them to continue growing in Europe and even in destinations such as Canada, Korea or China, where they are already present. To reach both goals, it is necessary to select efficiently the productions, since “we need a freshness and quality of fruit that have nothing to do with what our continent demands”. It currently markets around 24 million kilos of citrus fruit per year, of which 5% is sent to the ‘Asian giant’. For Alcafruit is an interesting possibility to market the product that, sometimes, has no place in a European “saturated” market.

Exhaustive controls
The campaign began in October, but for this company from Alcalá del Río (Seville) the preparation work began in July, when they made the first estimation of the sizes and qualities of their farms, around 700 hectares. By now, the beginning of the year is not being easy. To the delay of around 20 days the rains are added, which hinder their correct collection.

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