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La Unión celebrates its 25th anniversary by presenting Shybari and a subtropical fruit line

La firma almeriense negocia precios fijos de venta para asegurar la rentabilidad a los agricultores.

La Unión

La Unión celebrates its 25th anniversary “immersed in exciting projects” and keeping the national leadership in the production and commercialization of horticultural products. In fact, it has just presented two new projects for this campaign: Shybari, which is its own brand of quality products, and its new line of tropical fruits, Frutas Taramay. These are expansion initiatives, both geographically and in terms of the range of products.

Thus, through an agreement with Frutas El Romeral, a company from Granada specialized in tropical fruit commercialization, it creates a new company called Frutas Taramay. With this, it expands its production area beyond the province of Almeria, and includes mango, avocado and cherimoya to its offer, entering the fruit market.

La Unión currently reaches a consolidated annual turnover of 327 million euros with almost 400 million kilos of horticultural products sold. After the cucumber, with 60% of its export volume, is the pepper, with 35% and 60 million kilos.

La Unión has just launched its premium range Shybari, that has the pepper as one of its main products. Among other products focused on the luxury segment. Products that have a plus of quality and differentiation, to what is currently in the market.


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