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Integral sustainability as hallmark

Grufesa refuerza su compromiso con la excelencia en calidad y el entorno con nuevas campañas que buscan llevar su modelo de negocio al consumidor final.


Differential quality and sustainability as hallmark define the business philosophy of Grufesa, which a decade ago was a pioneer in this commitment and that now prepares a strategic plan that can revolutionize the way in which the sector currently works. It is a concept of integral sustainability that also includes aspects such as its commitment to the natural protected environment, in which it produces its strawberries, also to the society where it operates. This policy is complemented by the commitment that it has with the demanding European consumers who serve their strawberries with an attention to quality that stands out in the sector. The sustainability understood in this global way is not a limitation for Grufesa, but it becomes “a value” for its fruit, as explained Carlos Cumbreras, manager of the company based in Moguer (Huelva).

In this context, for example, its latest promotional campaigns are framed, among which the one that stands out appeals to the emotions and to the consumer experiences demanded by the market, “Emotions by Grufesa”. In this last project “we have looked for synergies with other great agri-food products of Huelva to favor the pairing with the berries”.

Grufesa is the first company in the world that manages to certify all its production with the Add-on Food Chain Partnership module of Bayer CropScience, an additional seal to the GLOBALG.A.P standard, which is a “strong” bet for food safety and health. It is a program of continuous improvement that also brings substantial improvements to the care of the environment. The company maintains its specialization in strawberry, while combining this bet with a “progressive entry” into other berries such as blueberries.


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