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La Platanería, a unique space for banana

Este espacio diseñado por Plátanos Ruiz busca poner en valor este producto y la especialización en el punto de venta, promoviendo además su consumo.


The family business Plátanos Ruiz, specialized in the artisanal ripening of Plátano de Canarias, has already renewed its stand at the Carmelo market, in Barcelona, thought and designed exclusively for the sale and exhibition of Plátano de Canarias and banana, with the aim to facilitate the shopping experience of the consumer: La Platanería del mercado del Carmelo.
This innovative space has a large desk with bananas of different categories and prices arranged without chafing, well organized and with an amazing pyramid for the Plátano de Canarias of gourmet selection. It also has a humidifying system to maintain the optimum heat and humidity degree that allow the best conservation of the product, so that it reaches home in the best conditions. It has a screen installed as a promotional tool where videos about the origin of the banana, its ripening process and, soon, recipes are displayed. It also has space to prepare samplings, especially for the little ones in the house. All this is led by banana advisers who are true prescribers of this product, who know how to treat it and advise customers at what point of colour they should buy it according to their moment of consumption.
Specialists in a unique product
Since its beginning, more than 50 years ago, Plátanos Ruiz has specialized in the ripeness and distribution of only one product: the banana. Hence the personalized process of artisanal ripening that replicates in the best possible way the natural process that the Plátano de Canarias and banana experience so that the fruit has the best flavour and conservation during distribution to the final consumer.
This Platanería is the first of the next renewals of stands of Plátanos Ruiz in municipal markets of Barcelona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, for sale to the consumer, that put even more value on the specialization at the point of sale.


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