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“The pepper campaign of Almeria is getting shorter”. HORTAMAR

La almeriense Hortamar destina unas 120 hectáreas a este cultivo que quiere revalorizar con la introducción de especialidades como el sweet bite y, en tres años, el ecológico.


The last year was not a good exercise for Almeria pepper and, in fact, its price collapsed. Despite the negative situation, Hortamar managed to finish the campaign with positive numbers, growing by 15% and reaching a turnover that, in the absence of definitive data, will exceed 30 million euros. This year, in addition, they have faith in maintaining this ascending line. But this does not hide the “complicated” situation that this product is experiencing, as asserted by its president, José Miguel López.

The firm allocates around one third of its cultivation area to pepper, around 120 hectares, especially of the red California type for extra-late dates. It was precisely the high concentration of kilos in the hardest months of winter, one of the causes that led to the bad figures of last year, but not the only one. “The campaign in Almeria is getting shorter and shorter,” López regrets, explaining that Holland, the main competitor of the province, is expanding its calendar.

However, and as a result of the tomato decline, pepper has become the main crop of Almería. Therefore, in a market that becomes each day more competitive, the diversification of the range plays a key role, and this is precisely the line in which Hortamar works.

Currently, they produce and market California pepper in its four colours as well as the Palermo type or the white horn, to which they will add for the next season, sweet mini pepper. In addition, they have just begun the reconversion phase to ecological of about 20 hectares, including peppers, which in three campaigns will be certified.

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