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Biotechnology in the new model of citriculture

Álvaro Muñoz, CEO de AMC Fresh Group.


The world citrus consumption is 70 million tons on average per year. The category of citrus fruits is at its peak and with a continued growth of 2,7% in the last decade. In the ranking of consumption by countries, we see that Asia is the first, led by China. In this market drawing, globalization plays a very important role and the perfect conjugation of the production of both hemispheres will be key. Spain, leader exporting power, plays and has an essential role.
Thus, in this context, susceptible to expansion for the sector, our performance and ability to adapt and anticipate dictates the agenda. First, because the changing context is a challenge itself, and second, because the new preferences of consumers for high-level, fresh, healthy and natural products mean that we should reinvent ourselves.
At AMC Fresh we work to satisfy these demands through innovation and biotechnology projects: fundamental tools for the development of new varieties that, among other things, can expand the fruit production stations, also the productive capacity to meet an increasing demand, and that they contribute specific qualities that surpass the expectations of the consumers.
In short, the context in which we operate presents both opportunities and challenges, and we believe in the need to make a new concept of innovation, agribusiness and global distribution that benefits farmers, retailers and consumers equally, and that is the premise with which we operate as a Group.
These new changes are based on the need to offer consumers modern options in the context of ‘Healthy food’, which forces companies to modernize operations, promote full vertical integration and boost through a new generation of young people prepared and trained. We are passionate about the future and the possibility of redefining the modus operandi of this industry and offering consumers innovative and healthy foods is the ambition that sustains AMC FRESH.


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