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Innovate with a head and grow with profit. HUERCASA

Líder en quinta gama, Huercasa sube un 10% en ventas y se marca como prioridad la mejora de los procesos y la colaboración con todos los eslabones de la cadena.


Huercasa will be 40 next year and remains loyal to its innovation commitment and the search for products adapted to the new consumption requirements, although its president, Félix Moracho, clarifies that it is necessary to “innovate with a head and grow profitably”. Member of Anecoop, the company is a leader in the production of corn and in vegetable products of fifth range in Europe, with 60% of the market share.

The company performs a policy of innovation and research “very participatory”, with collaborations with technological centers, and regular controls with experts on different topics. Everything in order of meeting an increasingly sophisticated demand. To Moracho, there should be more cooperation throughout the value chain. He also works hand in hand with the seed houses, with the goal of “generating knowledge in both senses”. In his opinion, with this collaboration there can be solution to relevant issues such as food waste.

Regarding the demand to reduce plastics, which is one of the demands of new consumers, he thinks that eliminating this material completely “is difficult”, although he admits that it is possible to minimize its use. Open to new markets beyond Europeans, where their biggest bet on new products is now the line of legumes, “a range with future, and a trend that has come to stay because it increasingly takes more positions in the diet of the consumers”.

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