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‘We must transmit the qualities of potatoes from Mallorca’

La empresa Mateu Export comercializa la mayor producción de la Isla de Mallorca, casi el 55%. Y tiene en la calidad y la precocidad su principal baza. El reto está ahora en trasmitir esa diferenciación al consumidor.


Established in 2000, the firm Mateu Export, located in Mallorca, focuses its activity in trading potatoes grown in 400 plus hectares in the region by associate growers, which reach about 14,000 tonnes, 55% of the island’s production. ‘Our technicians perform production control from the perspective of varieties, as we counsel growers about which ones are the most demanded, and also from the agronomic viewpoint, establishing handling programmes and phytosanitary treatments’, explains Juan Mateu, the firm’s manager. It’s worth mentioning that Mateu Export represents the firm Meijer in the Balearic Islands, being therefore in charge of distribution and trade of its varieties in the isles.

Fierce competition
One of the main features of potatoes from Mallorca is, besides their excellent quality and thin skin, their precocity. The climate and soil of the region allows for having production in the markets since late February, which puts them at advantage against other producer areas. Mateu is however deceived by the permissiveness of European authorities regarding the arrival of produce from third countries. ‘We are not talking only about imports of excessive volumes of potatoes from North Africa but about the fact that there are crop diseases in some of those countries, which could become a problem if arrived in Spain’, stated Mateu at the same time he claimed for further control of these imports by European authorities.

Faced with this situation, they consider essential transmitting consumers the goodness and food safety of Spanish potato in comparison to potatoes from third countries. ‘The new generations are introducing changes in consumption habits. For that reason I think we must find out how to reach those new consumers who are every day more concerned about their diet’, added. Besides the British market, historical target for the enterprises of Mallorca, Mateu Export has clients in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, where they carry out communication campaigns within the scope of their possibilities in order to transmit the bounties of this product.

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  1. Cristina Xato 18/03/2015

    Bon dia,
    Vull comprar patates de Sa Pobla. Gràcies per facilitar-me l’adreca on les puc trobar a Barcelona, Girona o Figueres…
    Molt atentament


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