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Gesvatec: 14 years helping to safeguard protected plant varieties

Desde que en el año 2005 el sistema de identificación y gestión varietal Gesvatec iniciara su andadura en el sector hortofrutícola español, contribuyendo a la protección de la variedad vegetal protegida de mandarino Nadorcott, más de una veintena de otras variedades han ido incorporando este sistema cuya finalidad es la de proveer los mecanismos de control necesarios para gestionar la legalidad de tales productos protegidos.


Within a few years, Gesvatec became a benchmark in the area of protection of protected plant varieties not just in Spain, but also in many other countries that saw in this system an important ally for the protection of products whose high added value makes them susceptible to illegal production and marketing, which can be tackled effectively by the Gesvatec System. At the moment, Gesvatec has been implemented at aproximately 700 packing houses distributed throughout 17 countries around the world.
After Nadorcott other varieties joined in, such as the Orri mandarin, the m7 navel orange, the Soreli kiwi, the table grapes varieties Early Sweet and Arra, and the Sando clementine.

The system allows the control entities to manage in real time the production of the regularized farms, as well as the quantity of labelled kilograms of the variety in any of the countries where that variety is present.

Gesvatec provides a sophisticated warnings hub that provides the control entities with real-time information regarding up to 40 different warnings or alerts, notifying them of possible irregularities during the production process or the labelling of the product.

As Miguel Játiva, the Gesvatec CEO, explains: “Although its main market niche are protected varieties, the Gesvatec system can help protect other fruit and vegetable products, such as protected designations of origin, protected geographical indications, branding marks and biological or ecological products.


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