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Unica expects to overcome 80 million kilos this campaign. UNICA

El pimiento es su principal producto y el tipo California su gran referencia, si bien comercializa especialidades como el mini dulce y tipologías como el Lamuyo bajo programas con sus clientes.


With a European market sometimes saturated with products, some people are betting on reaching new destinations, like Unica, which already markets peppers in the United Arab Emirates and Asia. It just turned 10 years old, time in which it has expanded exponentially: in 2018/2019, it expects to exceed 375 million kilos and a turnover around 350 million euros, with an estimated increase of 25% for this campaign and maintaining an annual average close to 20% since its beginning.

The pepper is its main product in volume and, in fact, this exercise will exceed 80 million kilos. Among their catalogue, they produce and market mostly California pepper, but also specialties such as spicy, mini sweet or Palermo pepper, and other typologies more extended in the domestic market, such as Lamuyo, says Loli Rodríguez, product manager.

Last season, Unica began exporting to the United Arab Emirates, a market that has interesting attractions: “It is not as saturated with the product as Europe can be at certain times and, in addition, it has a high purchasing power”. In any case, the main disadvantage is the transit of the product, as they export by boat. To this must be added the high cost of this type of transaction.
Nevertheless, last campaign was a positive experience, such good one that in 2018/2019, they will continue working to consolidate this market and expand their sales, which currently are very limited. In the same way, they intend to continue opening new distant destinations.

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