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The national product, the great bet of Patatas Beltrán

Esta firma quiere poner en valor la patata española, y no duda en apostar por ella con líneas comerciales concretas asegurando el suministro durante todo el año. Y lo hacen con éxito. Conocemos cuál es su filosofía de trabajo.


Faced with the general trend of reduction of area and production in Spain, Patatas Beltrán continues to grow year after year. Together its own production and associated farmers, it exceeds 1,700 hectares, mainly in Cartagena and Albacete, and a commercialization that was placed the last campaign over 80,000 tons, almost entirely of national potato. A risky bet, but that the manager of the entity, José Beltrán, has become his hallmark: “Throughout the year we market Sour potato origin Spain, a line of work that we feel especially proud, because I also consider that we must value the national product”. For this work Patatas Beltrán is recognized.

But this defense is not without conditions. José Beltrán is also critical of the production sector, accepting that little progress has been made in terms of infrastructure for conservation. In this sense, they have been making large investments in recent years, providing agricultural machinery and infrastructure in their stores Daya Vieja (Cartagena) in order to ensure a quality product throughout the year.

The company has also improved a lot from the varietal point of view. Patatas Beltrán has an offer of exclusive varieties, “good to eat”, as its manager points out. Thus, highlights Bellini, Safari, Triplo and Agria, these last three very demanding for the Horeca channel, which is added to this campaign and more significantly Elmundo, an elongated potato, excellent to wash, very productive, especially indicated for both the distribution as for the traditional market.


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