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The Asturian kiwi breaks boundaries. KIWIASTUR

Kiwiastur ha conseguido extender su campaña durante diez meses, lo que le ha permitido comenzar a diversificar sus mercados.


With a total production of around 2 million kilos, the Asturias brand Kiwiastur from the Feito y Toyosa group, is one of the largest marketers and producers of kiwi in Spain. “We have a very good product, the Asturian, and we cannot lose that genetic, but we can improve it,” explains its manager, Francisco Javier Feito. This has led them to bet on R & D + i, managing to expand their productive calendar. Thus, with the cooperation of different laboratories, they have improved the precocity of kiwi. While the harvest of traditional production began around the second half of November, Kiwiastur already had product harvested at the end of October. In addition, this genetic improvement has allowed them to increase capacity, reducing the second category. And what is more important: “It is a kiwi with a lot of sugar, flavour and dry matter”.

The firm has also managed to extend its campaign along more months, improving the preservation of the product. To do so, they have controlled atmosphere chambers that keep the kiwi in perfect condition for consumption until August in their Central Kiwicultora Asturiana, “doubling our presence in the market.”

All this has led them to diversify their destinations. Together with its presence in “the great national places”, Kiwiastur is introducing itself in Europe; they already started exporting to the Nordic countries last year, where they have reached agreements with Swedish supermarket chains, for example.

Kiwi involves around 5% of the total turnover of the group Feito and Toyosa, which exceeded 20 million euros last year, maintaining its leadership of the distribution in Asturias and positioning between the five largest companies in the sector in the Cantabrian cornice.

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